Steve Barber - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Violin, Lyrics, Music

Minnesota native Steven Barber has been a band member of Blizzard, Sunspot, Sidestreet, Prism and The Express to name a few doing mostly cover songs from mid 70s through the 90s.  Since 2005 Steve has been devoting all his energy to his 30 year passion  for songwriting and recording.  Lame Johnny Creek is the current namesake of the band and is the vehicle used to promote all the songwriting and recording projects.  Coming from an electronics education during 70s he found himself influenced primarily by electronic music forms from Yes and Pink Floyd.  More recently Steven has embraced influences by songsmiths like Neil Young, Harry Nilsson and Jackson Browne.  Although still having an affinity for a few gadgets and software plugins while recording the end result from his last album project "Like A River Flows" is a more lyrical acoustic sound layered electric guitar, some non-standard rock instruments and synthesizer sound textures.

Owned and operated Skyline Recording, a small recording studio from 1978 - 1987 recording local artists for record album projects and demo tapes.  Also sound creation/production for KWCM Channel 10 and radio commercials for businesses in the area.  During this formative period much was learned about the songwriting and recording process.

August 2008 - Album Release "For Our Children's Children" including 9 original songs about love, war and consumerism.  The album also included one cover of "Lucky Man" from Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

October 2015 - Album Release "Standing In The Rain" includes 9 original songs about relationships lost, found, addiction and recovery.  

December 2018 - Album Release "Like A River Flows" includes 8 original songs.  Traditional rock laced with non-traditional instruments and synthesis with thought provoking lyrics about lost and found relationships, the Al-Anon 12 Steps, addiction and recovery.

Toys From Yesteryear

As friends in their youth Steve Barber and Scott Vangen built their first Synthesizers from mail order kits that came from a company called PAIA which is still in business today.  The kits came with bags of parts full of resistors, capacitors, ICs that needed to be soldered and wired together.  When you were finished you hoped it all worked or it was time to bring out the oscilloscope and figure out what was wired wrong.


Scott Vangen - Keyboards, Music

Now retired from a great day job at NASA.  Scott plays in his spare time whenever he can.  Plays Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, Yamaha EX5 Synthesizer, Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer and music contributor for song "Leaves On Trees". 

The second kit build was was the newer model PAIA kit Synthesizer.  Now we have more oscillators, filters and cables to patch! 

Rebecca Vick - Vocals


Vocals on title track "Standing In The Rain".

Rebecca Hails from Redmond, WA and is an accomplished vocalist in classical, folk and pop styles.  Rebecca currently sings with the Kirkland Choral Society in the Seattle area.

Jan Godwin - Lyrics

Jan is retired...Finally!  She is quick with a funny story and purveyor of memorable comments as an observer of life's crazy turns.